Overactive Bladder: Where We Are and Where We Are Going

  • Charan S. Mohan
  • Wai Lee
  • Kathleen C. Kobashi
Keywords: Overactive bladder, therapeutics, urgency urinary incontinence


Overactive bladder (OAB) is a heterogeneous syndrome estimated to affect approximately 10% to 15% of men and women globally. OAB not only negatively impacts quality of life but also results in a significant financial burden to both patients and health systems. Therefore, it is crucial that OAB is properly addressed. This manuscript provides a general review of the diagnostic algorithm for OAB and treatment per the AUA/SUFU guidelines, and an overview of new developments in OAB therapy. Given the wide array of therapeutic options that currently exist and those that are currently under development, there is tremendous opportunity to treat OAB successfully and positively affect our patients’ lives.


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Mohan, C. S., Lee, W., & Kobashi, K. C. (2021). Overactive Bladder: Where We Are and Where We Are Going. Société Internationale d’Urologie Journal, 2(5), 311-322. https://doi.org/10.48083/HZVQ6675